FULL DAY - Cooking AND Quad Biking!

FULL DAY - Cooking AND Quad Biking!


Take a class in the morning and drive the dunes in the afternoon!


- Take a tour of the food and vegetable markets

- Prepare and learn about traditional moroccan cooking on a beautiful medina rooftop

- Friendly, multi-lingual staff

- Ride your own quad-bike in the sand dunes just outside Marrakech


- Morning Moroccan Cooking Class 

- Lunch

- Soft drinks

- Transfers to and from Marrakech Palmaerie for quad biking


- Ingredients for the cooking class (no more than 7 euros per person)

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This is a great class for anyone looking to find out about Moroccan cuisine. We are not Michelin starred chefs, our kitchen is not a typical classroom with clipboards, and we won't regale you with tales of when we worked with the most famous chefs in the world. There will be no spirally garnish.  We will however, give you tips and recipes for home cooked Moroccan food - the food that we eat in our homes and you will be able to prepare easily in yours! Portions are big and fabulous and stomachs are bound to be full.

You can choose from a variety of dishes such as TAGINE, COUS COUS, MOROCCAN SALADS, TANGIA. You will also learn how to bake traditional round bread (chobz). And there is nothing better than at the end of the session, tasting and enjoying the food that you have prepared yourself!

Our cooking classes start at 10am so that we have lots of time to go to the markets, prepare the food and ultimately enjoy eating it together on  a rooftop terrace in the medina.,

Come to the beautiful riad  and relax with some tea and homemade cakes, before heading into the souks to do ingredient shopping. The vegetable markets, chicken markets, spice markets. Exciting, colourful and chaotic - part of any cooking experience in Morocco and thoroughly enjoyable. 

Get your apron and chef's hat on get involved.

Why get involved? Because the fruits of your labour will be so much sweeter and more delicious when you've been busy preparing, chopping, mixing, concocting and then...tasting.

*Please be aware that ingredients are not included in the price and are normally 7 Euros extra per person.


Quad bikes are a raw and exciting way to experience the arid Marrakech terrain. 

You will be collected from your accommodation in Marrakech and taken to the Palmaerie neighbourhood peppered with palm trees and desert sands. This is the base for your adventure. Take your quad to explore the area, its arid landscape, its peaceful atmosphere.

There is also another option! Instead of the Palmaerie, you could go to the magical, almost alpine panoramic of Lake Lalla Takerkoust - a truly unexpected place - a little further away from the city, Lalla Takekoust is a wonderful place to enjoy lunch with a view and combine the peace of the lake with the growl of the motor. Get off the beaten track a little!